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Looking up Fifth Street towards South Street from State Street. The building at center sits on South Street and is the Corona Hotel. (See Hotels)


On the right is 451 State, which in this photo is the 8th Ward House. This location often housed saloons, such as Herman Bucher's in 1898-1902 and Harry Smith's in 1903-1905. (See Saloons)


On the left corner, at 501 State, is the Hotel Frye, offering McGinnis Pure Rye. W. H. Forbes operated a tobacco shop there, perhaps inside the hotel, in 1902. (See Tobacco) This corner, too, was often the site of a saloon, such as Patrick O'Sullivan's in 1890-1895 and Frank Johnston's in 1896-1901.

Photo courtesy of Historical Society of Dauphin County


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