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The flag in this photo has 48 stars, dating it to 1912 or later. On the right, a student and woman can be seen standing at the gate.

Photo: Pennsylvania State Archives

The Lincoln Public School

Lincoln Public School opened in 1877 on North Street and was later renamed the William Howard Day School, in recognition of the Rev. Professor William Howard Day, the first black president of the Harrisburg Board of School Control, who served from 1891-1893. Day was called "the greatest man of the colored race who ever resided in Harrisburg" by journalist J. Howard Wert.

The Lincoln-Day school functioned as a grammar school for black students in the mostly segregated Harrisburg school system. The Lincoln-Day building had several large classrooms where students were prepared for "direct scholastic competition with the white students of the city" for admission into the high school. Several excellent former students were employed as teachers in the school upon their successful completion of high school.

(Summarized from an article written by J. Howard Wert for the Harrisburg Patriot newspaper on January 27, 1912, and reprinted in Harrisburg's Old Eighth Ward, edited by Michael Barton and Jessica Dorman, (Charleston: Arcadia, 2002), 53-55.)


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