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Exploring the 8th Ward Website

Although the main pages of our site are linked on the navigation bar to the left, many other pages exist on this site that are linked in various other ways. To ensure that this website can be utitlized effectively, we offer the following suggestions for viewing the Old 8th Ward online.

  1. Start your visit by reading the introductory text found on the Home page and the information about the Old 8th Ward project found on our About page.
  2. If you have visited the Old 8th Ward website previously, scan over the News page to see what the latest website updates and news concerning the ward are.
  3. Next, read the General History of the 8th Ward and the Demolition of the 8th Ward to gain a broad understanding of the birth and demise of the ward.
  4. After that, proceed to the Maps page to familiarize yourself with the ward's layout. Print out the Roe Atlas Plat Map and keep it handy to help orient you as you work your way through the site.
  5. After printing your map, go on the Virtual Walking Tour of the ward to gain a visual understanding of what the ward looked like.
  6. At this point, you should be ready to read the Student Research.
  7. Next, view the Business Directory and the Institution Directory. Each category on these pages opens up into individual listings, so view these at your leisure. If you see an unfamiliar occupation, check out Common Nineteenth-Century Occupations.
  8. The Resident Directory should be viewed next, and these may take some time to read. Each street within the ward will open into a separate page where individual residents living at various locations are listed.
  9. For fun, look at some of the Miscellanea--advertisements, newspaper articles, postcards, real estate listings--concerning the 8th Ward.
  10. Compare what the Old 8th Ward looked just before its demolition to what it looked like in May 2005 in Then and Now.
  11. Before ending your visit, read the Sources page to see what has helped us in the creation of this site and to learn the proper method for citing research on this website.
  12. And if you want to see all that is offered on this website, go to our Site Map.
  13. Finally, use the Search to look for specific information, and Contact Us with questions, concerns, or comments. We would appreciate your feedback.



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