Bad Truants Caught in Freight Cars

Probation Officer Maurice C. Eby to-day received valuable aid from the police department in his efforts to break up truancy in this city. This morning Otto Simms, Augustus Simms and Harry Flickinger, white boys, and John Smith, colored, were placed in the hands of the chief of police and the Mayor game them "a talking to" and Constable Diehl and Patrolman Rodgers took the boys to the house of detention. The quartette have a bad record, according to Truant Officer Harry Swartz. They will not go to school and sleep in store boxes. One of the Simms boys when told that he ought to read Sunday School books and go to school said he did not care for that kind of reading, as it was not "tough enough," and he preferred stories about Jesse James and other great robbers. The colored boy said he wanted "a chance to take it easy." They will be given trial before Judge Simonton in juvenile court Monday morning.

The boys were captured late last night and early this morning, having stayed up to "see the circus" come in. Two were caught asleep in a freight car and one while roaming about in rail yards.

(Date Unknown)

Two Boys Arrested

Two boys named Wright and residing in the Eighth ward, have been arrested on warrants from Alderman Walter accusing them of striking the wife of R. Renner, a merchant at Cameron and State streets. It is charged that the boys have been annoying the man's family.

(Date Unknown)

Boy Broke Windows

Augustus Snavely, a boy residing in the Eighth ward, was arrested yesterday afternoon by Constable Emanuel on a charge of breaking windows at the home of R. Renner, Cameron and State streets. He will be heard by Alderman Walter.

(Date Unknown)


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