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Maps of Harrisburg's Old 8th Ward

Below are links to various maps presenting Harrisburg's Old 8th Ward. By clicking on each map, a new window will open of a larger view of that image. Most maps also have a printable version, which can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate link. Adobe Acrobat 5 or higher is required for printing maps as they are only available in pdf format.

Map Description
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1841 Plan of the Borough of Harrisburg

In this map, the Old 8th Ward is shown soon after its incorporation into the Harrisburg city limits, which occurred in 1838.

1854 E. Sachse & Co. View of Harrisburg

This bird's-eye view map shows the 8th Ward from the Northwest side of the Capitol Building in 1854. Taken from a larger map available on the American Memory website in the Panoramic Map collection.

1854 Sachse Map
1881 Fender Map

This engraving offers a bird's-eye view of Harrisburg's 8th Ward from the capitol grounds to Pennsylvania Railroad and Pennsylvania Canal. (HSDC)
1881 Fender Map
1884 Boyd's Directory of Harrisburg City, Dauphin County, PA

This map offers a bird's-eye view of Harrisburg, showing the the 1st Ward through the 9th Ward. (HSDC)
1884 Boyd's Directory Map

1889 Roe Atlas of the City of Harrisburg

This map features a block by block record of streets and properties located within the 8th Ward and offers the best detailed look at the layout of the neighborhood. (HSDC)

1889 Roe Atlas Map

2005 Capitol Complex Map

This map shows the modern Capitol Complex, which replaced the Old 8th Ward. Modern street names appear in black, and 8th Ward streets are located in their approximate location in red. (PA)


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