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Residents of Harrisburg's Old 8th Ward

Throughout the history of the Old 8th Ward, thousands of people lived and worked within its boundaries. Babies were born within the neighborhood's tenements while children played baseball in the streets. Bread was baked, homes were built, and churches were attended. Through these and countless other simple actions, a community was created by the diverse people who called the 8th Ward home.

A major goal of the Old 8th Ward project is to re-populate the ward by uncovering the names of the residents who inhabited it over 100 years ago. By clicking on the streets below, information about residents living on those streets can be accessed. Each address is listed with personal data, such as name, ethnicity, and occupation, where available. This information has been pulled from ongoing student research and census data formatted into directory tables. Data taken from United States censuses and Harrisburg city directories has been synthesized to make these tables as informative as possible, but they are by no means complete nor are they intended to replace the primary sources themselves. However, an overview of the residents of the ward can be obtained by consulting the following directories, which are organized by street.

It should be noted that the early city directories do not refer to residents by individual house numbers but by general locations instead. Because of this, an address such as "Tanners c South" most likely encompasses several dwellings. Even though dozens of residents on the data tables may be listed as living at an address such as the one mentioned above, they all did not share the same home. In addition, some common abbreviations found on the tables are as follows:

Residents by Street

East-West Running Streets North-South Running Streets

North Avenue (Alley)

West Avenue (Alley)

State Street

Christie's Court

South Avenue (Alley)

Tanners Avenue (Alley)

South Street

Short Street

Angle Avenue (Alley)

Fifth Street (Spruce)

Cranberry Avenue (Alley)

Cowden Street

Walnut Street

Filbert Street


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