Jealous Woman Shoots.

Bertha Lewis Went on the Rampage in the Eighth Ward and Lands in Jail.

Bertha Lewis, an Eighth ward colored damsel, who is charged with being of a very jealous disposition is in jail on numerous criminal charges, all of which are felonious assault and battery with attempt to kill, two being preferred yesterday by Thomas Mosley and Etta Green. This latter offense was committed late yesterday afternoon on Cowden street near State, and nearly caused a riot. As a result of the shooting one of Bertha's victims was obliged to go to the hospital for treatment for a bullet wound in his right thigh.

The victim was Mosley and after the bullet had been removed he went to his home, at 320 South Fourteenth street. A second shot narrowly escaped Etta Green, who was with Mosley. It went through the lower part of her dress. The woman who did the shooting was the former friend of Mosley. Several times she had threatened to shoot him and yesterday when the man and woman were in each other's company Bertha carried out her threat. Both the man and woman escaped more serious injuries by running into a house at 117 Cowden street.

At the time the shooting occurred Detective James Morissey with Constable Charles Cilley, of the Third ward, were in the neighborhood hunting for Bertha on other charges and the found her just in time. She was taken before Alderman Spayd and held for court. She was also held for felonious assault and battery on Mary Brown, who alleges that Bertha threw bricks at her; and on a similar charge preferred by Naomi Sopha, 115 Cowden street, who says she attempted to shoot her because of jealousy. Bertha Lewis resides at 507 Cowden street, and the neighbors say she is a very dangerous woman. In three cases additional charges of carrying concealed deadly weapons were preferred.

The hearing took place this afternoon, after which Bertha Lewis was held for court on all charges and sent to jail in default of bail. The woman claims that she is not wholly in the wrong. She says she has been working hard for the support of Mosley for some time and that he left her after he found that she had no money; that she worked until she had money sufficient to get him out of jail after he had been charged with larceny and as a reward he came to her home and threw her down stairs. She says she still carries the bruises and has not been well since. She has retained W. J. Carter, Esq., as her attorney and says she will fight the case to a bitter end.

(Date Unknown)


More Arrests Lately.

More arrests are said to be likely in the Lewis shooting affair which took place on Friday and excited part of the Eighth ward. The woman threatens to be revenged.

(Date Unknown)


Pistol Shots Disturb Wonted Sunday Quiet

There were several brawls yesterday and the firing of revolvers alarmed people on their way to and from church. As the result of one fight in the Eighth ward two men are in the hospital, one near death, while the man who fired several shots on a crowded street in the Seventh ward is in a prison cell.

The restaurant and boarding house of Mrs. Laura Popel, a colored woman, at South street and Angle avenue, was the scene of a fierce fight at 11 A. M., which landed John, alias "Lanky" Alexander, a white man, aged 35 years, and William Jones, alias Walter Lewis, a colored man, aged 37 years, in the hospital. Alexander has a bullet wound in his throat, another in the left breast, and a cut from a glance shot on the chin. Jones has a bullet hole in his left cheek and has been practically unconscious since the shooting. (Photograph)

The quarrel started over an argument regarding the theft of a revolver belonging to Alexander, the man's wife accusing Jones of Stealing. Later it was learned that a man names "Stiffey" Stewart was also suspected and had pawned the revolver and Jones called at the Popel house for a retraction. Alexander hit him with a tumbler and in retaliation Jones threw a stone at Alexander, knocking him to the floor. As soon as Alexander recovered he drew his revolver and was about to shoot Jones when a colored man kicked the weapon from the white man's hands. In the meantime Jones had started to the third floor, presumably for his revolver, and Mrs. Alexander picked up her husband's revolver and handed it to him. Alexander started after Jones. They met on the third floor and four shots were fired. The men may recover.

(May 6, 1902)


Willis Jones Died To-Day

Victim of Eighth Ward Brawl Succumbs

Alexander May Die, Too

Willis Jones, one of the participants in Sunday's bloody duel at the restaurant of Mrs. Laura Popel, South street and Angle avenue, died at the hospital at 5:45 o'clock this morning. He was conscious at times, but said nothing which will aid the police in clearing up the case. Jones is the colored man who was charged with having started the fight because he was accused of having taken a revolver from the other man, Alexander. Jones' death was due to his wounds. This afternoon a postmortem was held.

Jones had convulsions all night and died this morning at 5:45 o'clock of exhaustion. A postmortem examination was held this morning at 10:30 o'clock by Dr. Hassler and Dr. Miller, resident physician of the hospital. It was found that the ball, which was a 38-calibre, had entered midway between the eye and mouth left of the nose and had gone backward and upward to the base of the brain, where it flattened slightly and shattered several nerves, causing the paralysis of his right side.

Alexander, the white man, was reported as not being as well as yesterday, but his condition has not yet been alarming.

Chief of Police Hutchinson is of the opinion that Alexander will not recover and that will be the end of the case as far as the men are concerned. He is holding Mrs. Alexander as a witness and may prefer charges against her for the part she played, it having been stated that she picked up the revolver after it was kicked from the hands of her husband and handed it to him.

The degree of the crime will be fixed by the District Attorney.

(Date Unknown)

"Lank" Alexander Held for Murder

"Lank" Alexander, the man charged with the murder of Willis Jones, the colored man killed in the Eighth ward brawl, was heard by the Mayor this afternoon on a charge of murder. District Attorney Millar represented the Commonwealth and the State presented witnesses who told about the fight at the restaurant of Mrs. Laura Popel, on South street and Angle avenue, on May 5th. Mrs. Alexander, who has been held as a witness, also described the fight.

Jones received but one bullet wound, the ball lodging at the base of the brain and resulting in death two days later.

Alexander was wounded three times and because of his strength and extraordinary nerve recovered, and yesterday was removed from the hospital to the jail.

By advice of the District Attorney Alexander was held for trial in June. None of the witnesses who were present when the fight occurred or the friend of Jones offered to make the information and Chief of Police Hutchinson made the charge on information received.

Alexander admitted at the hearing that he had shot, but in self defense.

(Date Unknown)




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