Negroes and Beer Transferred in Patrol

The police force woke up yesterday and William Carpenter and Walter Green, both colored, were arrested, charged with running a speak-easy in a house at Cowden street and South alley in the afternoon. They had possession of two tubs of beer and were preparing for a big business. The house had been vacant and a complaint was made on Saturday afternoon that some one had broken open the place and were making arrangements to occupy it. Sergeant O'Donnell, Detective James Morrisey and Patrolman Householder made the arrest. The were in waiting for others, but the only person who turned up was another colored man who was thirsty. He was told that the place had been "pulled" and left hurriedly. The men arrested were taken by surprise and thought they should have had a chance to begin business.

(Date Unknown)

"Speakeasy" Owner in Trouble

Bertha Green, who was gathered in on Tuesday night by Contable Challenger, was heard this morning by Alderman Jackson, of the Second ward, on charges of selling liquor without a license, on Sunday and to minors. The traffic is said to have been run generally on Sunday mornings at 633 Walnut street. There were a number of witnesses on hand to testify to the running of the "joint" and the woman was held for court. Three hundred dollars bail was furnished.

(Date Unknown)



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