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Virtual Walking Tour of the Old 8th Ward

Although the Old 8th Ward no longer exists, several photographers worked to document it before its destruction. Looking at photographs can only give a very limited idea of what the 8th was like because, certainly, the neighborhood was more than a black and white visual experience. Missing from the photographs are the flavors of the neighborhood, which include not only colors but the sounds and smells of the ward as well. In order to realize what the ward must have been like on any given day, one must imagine what is lacking in the photographs--textures, tones, and aromas. Houses, factories, and shops were made of brick, stone, and wood. Vibrant advertising posters were plastered on every corner shop. Dirt streets were dusty on dry days and muddy on wet ones. Chimneys smoked, rubbish smoldered, and manure reeked. Horses' hooves clip-clopped, newsboys called out headlines, children played baseball, and voices spoke German, Greek, Italian, Yiddish, and English.

Found below is a link to a virtual walking tour of the Old 8th Ward. This tour begins by presenting a map on which photographs have been located (download may take time). Red arrows mark the location and general direction where photographers stood to record images of the ward, and by clicking each arrow, a new window will open displaying a photograph and description.

Ways of viewing this tour:

  1. Click each arrow and view the photograph that opens. When finished, close the photograph window and choose another arrow on the map. Repeat this process for each photograph.
  2. Choose an arrow from which to start. After viewing the photo that opens, click "Next" at the top of the photograph window to procede to the next photo. The next photo will appear in the same window as the first photograph. Repeat this until you have viewed all of the photographs. Although this method involves less opening and closing of windows, it will not orient you as well with the neighborhood geographically.

Proceed to Virtual Walking Tour Map.

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